Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Gift of the Magi

The Gift of the Magi is an inspiring story that shows us that the things we covet (our material possesions) are not always those who are closest to our heart.  In this story we meet a young couple that loves each other passionetly and unselfishly.  It shows us how both of them sacrifice their most valuable possesion in order to buy one another a gift worthy of being theirs.In the end their sacrifices and gifts are worthless because both cannot use the objects due to the fact that what they sacrificed was what the gifts were used for. This book shows us that the real object, that the material possesion, is not what counts.  Its not important.  The actual thought that you decided to put someone before yourself and not be greedy, this is what the story teaches us.  That material objects can break or get lost or any other problem, but love... LOVE is what makes the difference in people's lives! It's what makes us who we are and what influences our actions toward people.  This book shows us a valuable lesson about love. How far would you go for someone you love? Love is about being unselfish. It's about loving unconditionally. I applaude O. Henry for creating such a meaningful and compassionate story about the wonders love.  O. Henry also compares the young couple with the Magi due to the fact that the story takes place in Christmas. The wise magi are said to have been the first to give Christ presents. O. Henry comares them but he believes that the real magi, the wise magi, are the people like the young couple presented. Those who gifts come from surrendered treasures and loving hearts. :)

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